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We are unrivaled

In Japan, where barriers to entry are the highest, Print Tracker is the only one that has realized an MPS with a multi-vendor capability. The biggest factor in this success is, of course, not only an innovative design concept and Print Tracker’s system with analysis capability, but also the accurate and quick response time of the support team.

Print Tracker is the first to complete a Japanese version. This proves the competency of the support team. We are unrivaled in the MPS world in Japan.

Aki Kawanishi
LogDep, CEO

Helpful support staff

I would like to comment on how helpful the Print Tracker Pro support staff is. Print Tracker Pro is so responsive to their customer’s needs. They always respond quickly and answer my questions thoroughly. I really appreciate Print Tracker Pro and all of the support they give our company — the filters in the Meter Viewer really save time in analyzing the data.

Jeremy O
Scott Technology Group, Inc

Saves me valuable time

Just wanted to pass along some words of gratitude to the folks at Print Tracker Pro. I asked for changes to a report that I use almost daily (sometimes several times a day) and they handled it no problem. This customization is going to save me valuable time and it will insure that I remember to break out the numbers correctly for our studies/pricing/analysis.

Eric K, Sales Manager
Martin Whalen Office Solutions

A home run

Thank you thank you thank you! The guys at Print Tracker Pro are awesome! The first time we needed to utilize the support department at Print Tracker Pro and Pete just hit a home run. The changes we asked for are working perfectly – and what a quick turn around too. This helps a lot. The new data will prove to be very beneficial to us. Thanks again and thanks for the great instructions.

Scott B
Loudy Office Machines

Tweak and develop

Brian and people from Print Tracker Pro have great software but what stands up better is the relationship that we built with all people from Print Tracker Pro company. Brian and the Print Tracker Pro staff have great communication and they are committed to tweak and develop features for us in Brazil … 100% recommended.

Rodrigo R., Owner, New Technologies and Development Director
IBSolution Tecnologia da Informacao

Positive results

Our use of Print Tracker Pro’s One-Click Deployment feature has produced overwhelmingly positive results. We easily customized the email template to make it a little more tuned to our specific customers’ needs with a text that is generic enough so that the deployment works equally well for both new and re-installations.

One-Click is used on a daily basis generally in conjunction with a phone call. Overall we are VERY pleased.

James D, DS Help Desk Supervisor
Marco, Inc.

Simple and reliable

I have to say working with Print Tracker Pro is a real treat. I manage application support with Print Tracker Pro and other software products we use for various reasons. Some have the eye candy but no substance. The Print Tracker Pro interface is simple and the program is reliable. I rarely have issues directly tied into the program itself; it’s always 99.9% on the end users side.

Anytime I have had a question or concern, Print Tracker Pro Support has always been available and extremely helpful. They even go beyond expectations and follow up with an additional phone call to ensure any challenges have been resolved. One rarely finds that level of service these days. The Print Tracker Pro team is greatly valued and I look forward to continued reliance on them and your product. Cheers!

Jason W, Support Specialist
Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc

The silent trooper

Print Tracker Pro continues to be the silent trooper, reporting the prints done by our company. Canon had us install Printer DCA so they can track our prints but they call us frequently to ask us for current counts. Our Canon sales representatives, tech team, accounting specialists and others are always impressed when we have data to give them concerning a copier or printer that is not reporting as it should.

As managed print and maintenance contracts are renewed, or when there is discrepancy with invoicing, the data gathered by Print Tracker Pro continues to prove priceless. Print Tracker Pro is a very simple yet solid tool and it really works. I love it! Thank you.

Jack K, IT Manager
PennySaver USA

Easy to deploy

Great Product. The ease of deployment of this product is second to none. By just contacting your customer and requesting a download, you can quickly walk the user through full installation. I would also state that the consistent support from the Print Tracker Pro team is excellent.

With this product I am able to add new accounts quickly and begin monitoring in just a few minutes thus allowing my employees to move to the next customer and reduce my overhead cost for additional employees.

Pat W, Service Director
Milner Document Products, Inc.

I fired FM Audit

I was an FM Audit customer for two years, the customer service was to say the least atrocious! It was very costly, especially as a small business starting out at the time with less than 70 machines in the field. It was supposed to sync with E-automate but it never would sync. E-auto blamed FM Audit and FM Audit blamed E-Auto. FM Audit was much more complicated than we needed. Myself and my Service Manager researched and met with several companies before deciding to move forward with Print Tracker. The treatment we received from Print Tracker was beyond OUTSTANDING! This was the best decision I made for my company. I started out paying $389 [for FM Audit and E-Auto] and in the end was $523. I fired both of them, Never Again. The pricing was for up to 1500 devices but they kept having price increases which made no sense.

Tracey Mitchem, Owner
Coastal Office Solutions, Inc.

We can be proactive

We are very happy with Print Tracker Pro. The fact that we can be pro-active when issues are detected with high priority devices is a big plus for us and impresses all of our customers.

We really appreciate the fast and efficient level of service from the Print Tracker Pro support team.

Ger M, Service Manager
Eurotech Office Equipment Ltd

Simple functionality

Print Tracker Pro is GREAT! From its simple functionality down to the support we receive everything works as they say it will. Print Tracker Pro collected meters go into our e-automate system and that saves lots of time. Any challenges we have are usually minor in nature and Print Tracker Pro Support gets right on them as soon as they are brought to their attention. The guys are always helpful when I call.

Jeff D, Product Support Engineer
Diversified Business Solutions

Work out challenges

And again a big THANK YOU to you for spending the morning working out our challenges with Print Tracker Pro and our ERP platform. I can always count on you to provide the best of service!!

Dan T, President
BMP Print Solutions

Happy customers

Thank you Print Tracker Pro! You provide the information we need the keep our customers happy. I can’t decide which is better; your product or your service.

Paul M
Keys Business Solutions North