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Print Tracker Legacy service ending on 12/15/2021

The end is coming. Here’s your guide to a smooth transition.

It’s November 2021. For more than a year you’ve seen the emails and heard the rumors. You might have even attended one of the free Print Tracker Pro™ transition webinars. But now it’s getting real…the Print Tracker Legacy service is shutting down in less than 30 days ushering in a whole new world of sophisticated, intelligent, feature-rich print monitoring!

Transition Guide

Step 1: Login to Print Tracker Pro

You need to get into the Pro system and start looking around as soon as possible. You will find the Print Tracker user-interface is intuitive as soon as you understand how it lays out. To login, just do the following:

Step 2: Complete the training webinars

This step is a MUST-DO. There is no way to replace the valuable information that comes in these succinct training videos. Watching these will pay huge dividends as you move forward with the transition and leverage the power of the new Print Tracker Pro™ platform.

Step 3: Get familiar with the user-interface

After you have watched the training videos, you should have a really good idea of how the entire platform works. Take some time to look through the user-interface and make sure you know how to do the things you need to do.

  • Navigate to each of the sections on the left navigation bar

Step 4: Visit the Print Tracker University™ site and bookmark it

If you don’t understand something, chances are you will find your answer in the Documentation. There is an entire section of the site devoted to your learning, called Print Tracker University. It holds links to training videos, blog articles and Documentation. Get comfortable with this page and the wealth of resources it provides.

Step 5: Verify users, entities, and devices

After you have completed the previous steps, this process should be second nature. Print Tracker has migrated your Entities (Customers) and devices from the Legacy system into the Print Tracker Pro platform. There are some cases where migrated settings, or changes in network environments have resulted in missing or non-reporting devices. Do the following steps to make sure everything is setup and ready to go.

  • Review the Users able to access the account (details are explained in the training video How to get started on the NEW Print Tracker Pro™)
  • Review the list of Entities (your customers) in the Entity Selector from the upper left hand down arrow
  • Click on “Insights” on the left navigation bar and then “Migration”
    • Review/compare the list of Legacy devices to the Print Tracker Pro™ devices
    • Follow troubleshooting tips in the report (the training videos above demonstrate how to do all of these important tasks)

Step 6: Migrate your Data Processor

If you don’t know what a data processor is, then you don’t need to worry about this step. For those who currently use a Data Processor in the Legacy system to integrate with your ERP software, click to schedule a meeting to set this up in Print Tracker Pro™ or visit


When are the Print Tracker Legacy servers shutting down?

All Legacy servers will be shutting down on December 15, 2021 at 10:00 am MST.

What does shutting down the Print Tracker Legacy servers mean?

When these servers shut down, all Legacy products including the Legacy Admin, the Legacy Data Processor and the Legacy web-based Admin will not have access to any remote data. All licenses will expire and functionality will cease.

What will happen to all of the historical data?

Your Print Tracker data will be exported to .CSV and will be available for download. Specific download instructions for your data will be provided to you separately.

What should I do if I am missing devices in Print Tracker Pro?

Print Tracker has done its best to migrate all of your settings from Legacy to Pro. In some cases, things have changed at a customer’s site since you installed the Legacy DCA. In this case, watch this video to learn how to troubleshoot missing or non-reporting devices.