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Print Tracker Announces Updated eLearning Web Page

Print Tracker™ is proud to announce the release of a newly updated eLearning website page. The Print Tracker™ eLearning website is accessible by authorized individuals and grants access to a huge library of managed print services (MPS) documents and user’s guides.

People want things simple. Sometimes detailed instruction is needed as well. Noting this industry demand, Print Tracker™ has amassed a growing library of more than 120 MPS documents, user’s guides, case studies, how-to tips, and videos, to help their clients succeed with account, document and print management.

“In the many years we have been serving the imaging industry, one of the needs we have observed is having access to a complete library of print management and user information”, commented Lance Hale, President of Print Tracker™. “Our clients around the world have grown to appreciate our attention to detail, fast response to their needs, and 24/7 access to support and user documentation at the touch of a button.”

Print Tracker’s eLearning website has documents and videos smartly grouped in simple-to-access subject headings and is now searchable with entry of just a key word or two. Common search topics include “assistance”, “custom deployment”, “local device capture” and “manage”. The eLearning page can be accessed from any of Print Tracker’s website pages.

About Print Tracker

Print Tracker™ is an MPS software solutions company. Print Tracker™ Pro is a simple-to-install, intuitive-to-use software solution for the imaging device industry. Print Tracker™ Data Processor automates input of meters and alert information into ERP systems. A free trial of Print Tracker™ software can be downloaded from their website at Print Tracker Sales and Support can be reached by calling (866) 629-3342.

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