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Print Tracker Announces Partnership with SearchExpress

Print Tracker™ is proud to announce partnership with Executive Technologies, Inc. dba SearchExpress. Offering a single solution to collect imaging device information and provide secure access to printed and stored documents, Print Tracker and SearchExpress have teamed to present the Document Management Appliance – PST . This tool combines a dealer’sMPS and Document Management processes into a deliverable package that is simple to understand, trouble-free to implement, and more importantly, easy to sell .

“We are excited for the opportunity to combine forces with a strong company like Print Tracker”, said SearchExpress VP of Sales, Frank Malloch. “By, recognizing the need to move toward a true Managed Document Solution, the end-user and their dealer both benefit.”

Two different technologies; one deployment.

Installed on the end-user’s network to solve business needs, reduce customer costs, and help dealerships secure customers into the future; this is a “point-of-solution” sale. And remember, solution sales help drive MFP sales. For details, please click on the links below:

SearchExpress Document Management Appliance Video

Document Management Appliance – PST

PrintSearch Tracker – Brochures

To learn more, please contact:

Print Tracker
Sales and Marketing
(866) 629-3342 ext. 2

About Print Tracker

PrintTracker™ is an MPS software solutions company. PrintTracker™ Pro is a simple-to-install, intuitive-to-use software solution for the imaging device industry. PrintTracker™ Data Processor automates input of meters and alert information into ERP systems. A free trial of PrintTracker™ software can be downloaded from their website at Print Tracker Sales and Support can be reached by calling (866) 629-3342.

About SearchExpress

Executive Technologies, Inc., was founded in 1984 to develop the SearchExpress family of affordable enterprise content management and document imaging solutions. SearchExpress is proven software that is so easy to install and use that you can rapidly deploy it in one department, or across your enterprise, without costly on-site assistance. Learn more by visiting

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