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Print Tracker Announces “One–Click, Run–Once” Assessment for Fleet Analysis

Print Tracker proudly announces enhancement to their “One–Click” Deployment Module by now offering “One–Click, Run–Once” Assessment. ““One–Click, Run–Once” is designed to assist dealers with remote fleet evaluation using Print Tracker Pro,” said Sales and Marketing Director Brian Dawson. “Print Tracker’s “One–Click” install feature eliminates the need to go on location to complete Print Tracker Pro installations.”

“Print Tracker Pre-sales license holders can now initiate fleet evaluations and gather networked device information using “One–Click, Run–Once” Assessment without going on location as well,” Dawson added.

Pre-sales licensed dealers acquiring the “One–Click” Deployment upgrade can use Print Tracker Admin to set up registrations, create install or assessment emails, and send them directly to customers and prospects for fast and painless deployment.

When a customer gets an install email, they can install the Print Tracker collection software with a single click of the mouse. Print Tracker Pro will automatically install, register, search for and begin monitoring devices, sending meters to the dealership on a regular schedule. The customer does nothing more.

For prospects receiving a “Run–Once” assessment email, activating the link causes registration, a search for devices on the network and a single meter report to be sent. NOTHING IS INSTALLED. A second “Run–Once” email can gather comparison information for assessment purposes at a later date.

“One–Click, Run–Once” Assessment feature set includes:

  • All capability of “One–Click” Deployment
  • When used, Print Tracker Pro searches the closest and all nearby segments within 2 hops.
    • The “Run–Once” Assessment option operates silently requiring no end-user involvement.
    • Assessment configuratuion is done using the dealer’s Print Tracker Admin.
    • The assessment software is NOT INSTALLED at the user’s location.
    • A second “Run–Once” email can be sent to collect new meter reads allowing for volume analysis.
    • “Run–Once” Assessment is limited to a few uses per site.
  • Notification emails can be sent to indicate when the assessment files have been registered.

The “One–Click, Run–Once” option is available to Print Tracker Pre-saleslicense holders and activated upon request and investment by the requesting dealer.

About Print Tracker

PrintTracker™ is an MPS software solutions company. Print Tracker provides simple-to-install, intuitive-to-use MPS software solutions for the imaging device industry. Tools include meter gathering software, advanced deployment options, fast meter capture, alert generation, service and meter viewers, customized reporting, an adaptable TCO Estimator, integration of meters and alert information into a wide variety of ERP systems, and automated supply fulfillment. To learn more, please contact:

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