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Print Tracker Announces Integration with SAP Business One

In addition to automatic meter integration with the Enterprise Resource Management software SAP Business One, Print Tracker proudly announces that service calls now can be automatically generated from low toner and status alerts by the Print Tracker Data Processor.

“Automating service call generation was the next logical step after meter integration” said Print Tracker President Lance Hale. “With both meters and status alert information going into SAP Business One, dealers save time and improve efficiency as they service their print management contracts,” continued Hale. “Time is saved by eliminating manual copy and paste processing between email programs and SAP.”

When each SAP service call is generated, an activity is also created that contains the information from the Print Tracker status alert. This allows service technicians to view the entire set of alert details. Service calls are assigned to technicians using the normal SAP “drag and drop” mechanism.

Print Tracker offers meter integration and service call generation with its Data Processor software. Once installed on a server, the Data Processor automatically puts meters into SAP Business One or any ODBC compliant billing database. Optionally, the software can be configured to create Sales Quotes in e-automate or Service Calls in SAP Business One.

The Print Tracker Data Processor retrieves meter information and links the data with the appropriate device. Validation is done to make sure the meters to be inserted are newer and higher than previous reads. Combined meters for contracts with multiple devices that are billed in blocks are automatically updated. The Data Processor notifies administrators of installations not reporting to further ensure accuracy and complete billing.

About Print Tracker

PrintTracker™ is an MPS software solutions company. Print Tracker provides simple-to-install, intuitive-to-use MPS software solutions for the imaging device industry. Tools include meter gathering software, advanced deployment options, fast meter capture, alert generation, service and meter viewers, customized reporting, an adaptable TCO Estimator, integration of meters and alert information into a wide variety of ERP systems, and automated supply fulfillment. To learn more, please contact:

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