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Print Tracker Adds Excessive Toner Alerting to its Reporting Ability

Print Tracker software has reliably gathered meters and reported toner levels to dealers and their customers since 2004. Print Tracker is proud to announce it has added “Excessive Toner Alert” reporting for use by its dealer network.

“Premature cartridge replacement alerting has been a software mainstay as it informs businesses and staff of potential waste and revenue loss,” said Chief Engineer Lance Hale. “But dealers are becoming more attuned to the amount of ink and toner their customers are putting on the page. Administrators using Print Tracker can now receive reports alerting them to devices with excessive toner use.”

Alert settings within Print Tracker Admin can be adjusted to provide reports on specific machines exceeding average fill rates above dealer designated thresholds. Excessive toner alerting increases an already impressive array of device status reporting Print Tracker clients have come to expect and enjoy. Print Tracker dealers can use the software to:

  • Activate toner alerts and set specific alerting thresholds by site or device.
  • Use Premature Cartridge Replacement (PCR) alerting to notify when cartridges are replaced early.
  • Route toner and PCR alerts to specific recipients or teams.
  • Upload meters upon alert.
  • Create site status reports
  • Confirm alerts and/or enter remedial actions taken.
  • Construct Consumables reports to determine efficient cartridge use.
  • Generate Device Totals and Volume reports.
  • Produce alert history reports to ensure overall account management.
  • Employ integrated Total Cost of Ownership utility to estimate cost of fleet operation.

Print Tracker software helps administrators achieve fleet and supply management using onboard tools. Imaging equipment volumes can be monitored to determine proper device placement. Knowing volumes reduces unnecessary prints and ensures the right equipment is in use.

Print Tracker offers it all in one simple package. To learn more and see how Print Tracker can help your business, please contact:

Print Tracker
Sales and Marketing
(866) 629-3342 ext. 2

About Print Tracker

PrintTracker™ is an MPS software solutions company. Print Tracker provides simple-to-install, intuitive-to-use MPS software solutions for the imaging device industry. Tools include meter gathering software, advanced deployment options, fast meter capture, alert generation, service and meter viewers, customized reporting, an adaptable TCO Estimator, integration of meters and alert information into a wide variety of ERP systems, and automated supply fulfillment.