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Overcoming Objections to MPS Software Deployment

Deployment is the starter’s gun that begins the MPS engagement. For many dealers, going over the deployment hurdle smoothly is the biggest challenge they face when getting their MPS offering to the customer. Knowing what challenges may be encountered can help dealers explode out of the starting blocks ahead of the competition. Without deployment, the MPS pre-race groundwork of planning, preparing, staffing and determining where to install the software is wasted. Handling objections with ease permits software installation; setting the stage for MPS success.

Customers Identify with WIIFM (What’s-in-it-for-Me)

Think of anything that has ever been offered to you that you didn’t want. Now think of anything you have ever wanted, and then attained. You removed the barriers that would have kept you from the thing that you wanted.

Your customers are exactly the same … People that have not been informed of, or see no benefit for what is being offered, will not entertain the idea of print management — and this includes “FREE MPS Assessments”. Giving a FREE anything does not provide value. When no value is established, the time spent presenting print management is futile.

The champion salesperson educates prospective clients. This is true whether selling service or supply contracts, leasing agreements, equipment or MPS offerings.  Pinpointing challenges, and getting the customer to accept the benefits available when the solution is executed is the salesperson’s job. MPS should be presented as a value proposition.

Four types of customers and how they can benefit with the value of print management:

  • Top 10 ‘best’ and Service and Supply customers
    • MPS provides ‘critical’ information about their devices
    • MPS reduces on-hand inventory and guarantees supplies can be delivered “on-time”
    • MPS helps by ensuring devices stay operational
    • MPS enhances the service the dealership already provides
  • Portfolio, ‘partial fleet’ and new customers
    • MPS affords the opportunity to touch base with current clients and present new offerings
    • MPS facilitates the collection of useful information about the entire imaging fleet
    • MPS allows for equipment recommendations based on actual output volume assessments
  • Leasing and contracted customers
    • MPS makes it easier to ensure the right imaging device mix is in place
    • MPS raises awareness to cost-cutting opportunities
    • MPS identifies the dealer as a business partner
  • ‘Challenging’ customers
    • MPS permits the dealer to get ahead of the ‘last-minute need’ phone call
    • MPS reduces and could eliminate the need for “emergency” service calls and supply deliveries
    • MPS programs can supply ‘critical’ information about imaging devices to help keep them operational

In short … Print management should be conveyed as a program to enhance CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Countering Security Related Objections

An MPS offering is like anything else … It needs to be sold and there will be objections .  How salespeople work with customers and address their concerns will determine the project outcome.  Most sales champions deal with objections before they come up … and get agreement from the prospect that the challenge is a “non-issue” before moving on.

Print management is just the same, and the most common objections revolve around security of data and systems:

  • Content security
  • Document security
  • Information access security
  • Printer / copier / MFP security
  • Workstation security
  • Network security

Champions know their offering well, weaving concerns of security and its resolution into every presentation.  For print management, challenges are best handled when the dealer addresses product safety and security protection concerns before they can be raised.

MPS Champions tell their prospects, “The collection software …

… does not need to be installed on a server * .”

… does not ‘tie up’ print processes or slow down networks are when software is operating * .

… does not rely on .NET framework * or create conflict on workstations running .NET framework * .

… communicates with web servers using HTTPS protocols * similar to how browsers communicate with banking websites.”

… cannot access print job content, printed information or the purpose for the creation of the print job.”

… pulls device description, serial number, page counts, toner and service needs.”

… installations cannot receive incoming transmissions * which open the dealer to attack from the outside.”

… can monitor devices enabled with SNMPv3 * , enhancing your device’s security capability.

… is a non-invasive * solution designed to increase customer service.”

*Caution Only make declarations that comply with your dealership’s collection software offering … Print Tracker software acts in accordance with ALL of the above statements.

Agreement that proposed MPS offerings comply with a business’s security policies can go a long way in the elimination of security opposition.  Prepared security documentation for distribution is ideal for this.  Compliancy papers may include:

  • An outline of what information can be gathered
  • Collection software White Papers and FAQs
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) ** Compliancy
  • Payment card industry (PCI) ** Compliancy
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB) ** Compliancy
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) ** Compliancy
  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) **Compliancy
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) ** Compliancy
  • General Services Administration Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative for MPS (GSA – FSSI) ** guidelines
  • A providers own security and privacy policies and if required, non-disclosure agreements

** U.S.A. enactments, legislations, statutes and acronyms – Check your country’s regulations for similar regulations.  All documentation noted above is available for client download on Print Tracker’s eLearning website page.

… In Summary

Customers are concerned with many things when they are approached with new opportunities and network security is chief among them.  But underlying security are cost and identification of cost saving measures.  When properly proposed, managed print services and device monitoring practices can help reduce overall printing cost for most businesses.

Conveying confidence in helping customers understand their print environment helps identify how devices are used.  Determination allows accurate cost per page calculations.  The customer gets greater control of their print expenses.

Cost control should be the primary reason for software deployment.  It is one of the best ways to bring clients and prospects on line with the idea of output monitoring.  Getting past objections to MPS deployment is simply part of the sales process, and how confidently the salesperson presents the offering determines the outcome of the race.