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Introducing the NEW Print Tracker Pro v 1.0.0

Print Tracker is excited to announce the release of Print Tracker Pro, an innovative new advancement in the printer/copier data collection industry. With our nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, we have learned what it takes to discover and stay connected with thousands of printers and copiers across complex, remotely distributed networks or a single device connected to your local machine.

By combining our industry experience with the benefits of cutting-edge technology we have created a reliable and time-tested solution that has infinite ability to adapt and grow with your organization’s needs while eliminating all the complications and headaches other products introduce to your networks.

Print Tracker Pro was built to be easy to use. It is easier to migrate, easier to deploy, easier to maintain, and easier to operate. We provide free lifetime technical support and can even streamline your migration for other products. In short, we built the new Print Tracker Pro to do exactly what you would expect it to do.

These aren’t just words, we want to show you exactly what we mean. Come visit our site for a 30-day free trial and experience for yourself how easy it is to track printers and copiers. Our new product can be run in parallel to our legacy product making the upgrade process nearly hassle-free.

How easy is easy?

Deployment is easy.

Print Tracker Pro includes a completely re-built data collection agent (DCA). With a single click, you can download the DCA to a local machine or email an installation link to a remote machine or client. The process is so easy that no field technician is required. An end-user can simply click a link, paste in an activation code, and walk away. Everything else can be handled remotely from your office via our new InstaLink DCA™.

The DCA installation process takes less than 30 seconds and automatically discovers and connects with every printing device responding to SNMP via your network. Then at your leisure, you can opt-in to remotely connect real-time to any DCA and scan for new devices, collect meters or complete any other required task. Or you can have those tasks run automatically.

Leaving is easy.

We hope you’ll never want to leave us, but you can at any time. We believe our product, service and pricing will keep you loyal to Print Tracker. But if for some reason we fail to be your best option, you’re not bound by any contracts.

Staying connected is easy.

Unlike most of our competitors, Print Tracker has never used the .NET framework. Why does this matter? .NET is a constantly evolving construct that can greatly affect the way your software runs, especially data collection software.

Migration is easy.

Included in this new product is the ability to create an infinite number of levels of hierarchy within your clients or networks. With that organizational hierarchy in place, you can bulk-import devices with nothing more than the device IP address in seconds. Or you can just let the DCA go to work and find all the devices for you. Either way, there is no need to send a technician to the site unless you want to. With the DCA installed, everything else can be run from the convenience of your office.

Getting support is easy.

We think our product is easy to run, but if you ever find yourself with questions, you can contact our customer support team via email, call, or chat (coming soon). Unlike some of our competitors, we’ll answer your questions for free. If we didn’t make our product easy enough for you to use, the least we can do is answer your questions.

Seeing your data and devices remotely is easy.

All data is stored on state-of-the-art, fully secure, scalable and redundant servers. This data is served to our brand-new web-based portal we call the Web Admin. The Web Admin allows for multiple users to login with different permissions and roles, limiting or enabling access to different features and data. This gives you the ability to install a remote DCA, check on page counts, collect meters or view reports from anywhere you have access to the internet.

What’s new?

Transition seamlessly.

For existing clients running our legacy version of Print Tracker, we can silently install the new DCA along side the legacy DCA and run both versions simultaneously. This means the transition from our legacy version to the new Print Tracker Pro can be completed with absolutely no work on your part. Just say the word and we’ll make it happen.

Bulk-import devices simply.

Print Tracker Pro has created a bulk-import tool that allows for the mass migration of devices from an existing service, including our legacy version. This means the process of transitioning to Print Tracker Pro will take only minutes, even for the largest of networks

Communicate in real-time.

The new Print Tracker Pro supports real-time connections between our Web Admin and the DCAs installed at your remote customer locations. This connection exists without holding open any additional ports or creating any vulnerabilities in the firewall. All communications use the existing open port 443. This means you can immediately request updated meters, discover new printers or complete any other task, without having to wait for the DCA to check in. This feature can also be disabled if the real-time connection is a concern.

Collect more data.

The new Print Tracker Pro provides dynamic storage. Our legacy version only tracks specific types of meters. Now, any meter the printer reports can be saved and made available for you to utilize.

Test in parallel.

At no extra charge, you can run both the legacy version and the new Print Tracker Pro in parallel until we discontinue support in December. This will give you time to get used to all the new features.

Bulk-update devices simply.

Print Tracker Pro has created a simple process to facilitate bulk updating of device notes, locations, Asset IDs or other information. This process makes it simple to maintain or update large fleets.

How do I upgrade?

For existing customers with our legacy version of Print Tracker installed, Print Tracker Pro provides a completely seamless transition in most cases. Simply give us permission and we can silently install the new Print Tracker Pro and it can run in parallel with your legacy software.

What about my current Print Tracker software?

Our legacy Print Tracker product is used around the world and is known for its simple ability to find and stay connected with devices. Services and servers will continue to function until 5:00 PM MT on December 15, 2021. After that time, no legacy services will be functional.