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Why use Print Tracker Pro?

Find printers and start reducing costs in seconds with our one-click deployment.


Print Tracker Pro is privately owned. There’s been a lot of consolidation in the industry lately, and, fortunately for you, we’ve been left out!! Take a look at how we compare with the competition.


Print Tracker Pro automatically gathers the meters and emails them as an Excel spreadsheet attachment when scheduled.


Device discovery is quick. A typical segment can be searched in just a couple of minutes.


Print Tracker Pro is unsurpassed in providing quality, timely support. Got a question? Talk to a human … now.


Print Tracker Pro does not rely on the email system of the end customer to send meter data. It posts the data securely to the cloud and notifies you when it’s ready.


Print Tracker Pro communicates with its web server using the HTTPS protocol, similarly to how your browser communicates with banking websites. All data is encrypted and never shared with anyone else.


Print Tracker Pro has figured out how to monitor locally-connected printers as well as network devices, including copiers and MFPs.


Print Tracker Pro’s installation program is under 4 MB in size. The software can be run from a USB drive, rather than installing it, if desired.


Print Tracker Pro has a very small impact on network performance. It runs as a service that is usually asleep and wakes up a few times during the day to perform required tasks.