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How does Print Tracker Pro work?

Print Tracker Pro gathers data from all SNMP-responsive devices.

The nuts and bolts ...

Print Tracker gathers the device description, IP address, serial number, device location, page count, toner levels, and service alerts.

Print Tracker first discovers any locally attached devices (printer, fax or scan ports) that are managed by the Windows Spooler service. Devices are queried to determine whether or not they are printing devices. Print Tracker continues by sending out a broadcast to the local network requesting that devices respond. A list of nearby network segments is retrieved and is displayed for the user to designate which segments Print Tracker is to scan when searching for network devices. Devices responding to Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) will be discovered. These same segments can be periodically and automatically searched to determine if new devices have been installed on the customer’s network.

If a device is not automatically discovered during the network scan, it can be added manually by clicking on the “Add” button and entering either the Network Name or the IP address of the device. Alternatively, an entire subnet can be searched.

When devices that respond to SNMP requests are discovered, the gathered data is stored in a local database table. When it is time to send the data in a report, the data is sent to the web server using the HTTPS protocol, similar to how browsers communicate with banking websites. All of the data is encrypted before it is sent. HTTPS is a secure protocol.

Uploaded meter data is then pulled down from the web server in a separate process, put into an Excel spreadsheet, and emailed out to the email addresses entered in Print Tracker. This process is fast, generally taking only a minute or two.

See it in action, take it for a test drive


These screenshots show you how easy it is to get Print Tracker Pro installed on your network. In just moments, you can start collecting meters on your entire fleet of printers and copiers.


Getting Print Tracker Pro deployed across your network is so easy, you won’t believe it! We’ll send you a link and if you can click a mouse button, you can deploy Print Tracker Pro! That’s our famous one-click deployment in action.


Once you’ve deployed Print Tracker Pro, you can watch as we search your network for discoverable devices. In just minutes, you’ll be able to see all of your devices and their latest meter reads.


Now that you’re fully deployed and Print Tracker Pro has discovered all of the devices in your network, you can start to analyze the data from your meters. Explore what you can do with Print Tracker Pro.

System requirements

While Print Tracker may run on older operating systems, Print Tracker officially supports any Windows operating system supported by Microsoft. As of May 2021, this includes Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 and newer.

Microsoft’s lifecycle information can be found here:

Requires 50 MB hard drive space

Uses about 20 MB virtual memory