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Download the Legacy version of Print Tracker Pro

Print Tracker Pro is undergoing some amazing changes. In the summer of 2020, Print Tracker will launch a new version of Print Tracker Pro! This new version and the legacy version (what you’re about to download below) will run side-by-side. Our current customers will receive an email shortly with more information.

If you are a Legacy Print Tracker Dealer, you can access our learning center and ePortal.

Only download the legacy DCA if your printer/copier vendor requested you download Print Tracker. If you are evaluating Print Tracker, please register for a free account on our new system here.

Installation instructions

  1. Run the PrintTrackerSetup.exe file that was just downloaded to your computer.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions from the setup wizard and launch Print Tracker.
  3. Enter the Dealer ID and password provided by your printer/copier vendor.
  4. Enter any email addresses you want to receive reports at.
  5. Check the box at the bottom to confirm that you agree to receive print reports.
  6. Click Save and Close to begin searching for printers and network devices.
  7. Click on the Email button to send a report.
  8. You’re set to go!